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In 2002 Gary Mckenzie set up Premier Mini Soccer School to offer good quality football coaching to both boys and girls of all levels of ability.

Aside from local competitive teams there was at the time no access to high quality training for those that weren’t yet ready to play competetively (or didn’t want that side of football) or for those whom had hidden ability that was yet to be tapped into.

Very quickly the good reputation of Premier Mini Soccer School was recognized, and children from all areas of Sussex began joining the soccer school. Within three years we had over 100 children training regularly and our first tranche of our Premier United FC football teams was created.

We now have nearly 200 children training with us – including our Tots group (aged 3 and 4) and those who have learning challenges - we are proud to never turn anyone away. 


We now have 14 mini soccer and youth football teams - some of the most successful in our leagues in Sussex whilst also ensuring we maintain our standard of being accessible to all.

Based on our reputation, many local organisations are working with us to help young people develop through the power of football; our partners include the YMCA; Children Services and local schools. In 2015 - in partnership with Burgess Hill FC we launched the Seaford Football Academy, offering intensive football coaching for 14-16 year olds from any local club who have the talent to play at a very high standard.


Fostering talent and being an inclusive environment for all children remain our key priorities.


Over the short period since Premier started, we have seen several of our young people progress to professional clubs, including: Chelsea, West Ham, Crystal Palace, Brighton & Hove Albion and AFC Wimbledon. But we also have many other success stories, including some of our young people who have won awards for their hard work and football skills in the face of adversity.



The school now coaches 200 children on Saturday mornings at the Salts Recreation Ground in Seaford.


If you are interested please book an introduction. Pricing is £29 per 7 week term discounted at £20 per term for the Under 5's. 

The School also offers one to one coaching at an hourly rate and operates an invitation only Elite Training class during the week at a further £35 a term. 

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